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That amazing nodejs library which you wrote - yes you can sell it as a npm package with the help of PrivJs.

Marketplace to sell NPM packages

Ever wanted to earn money selling those amazing npm packages that you created? PrivJs helps you do just that without any hassle.

100% access controlled packages

You specify who can access your packages. Provide access only to your company's team members, or sell the package to your customers.

Supports CI/CD environments

Wondering how you could deploy your private packages to CI/CD environments like Netlify, Vercel (formerly Zeit), Travis CI, etc? PrivJs has it covered.

Say goodbye to code snippets & zip files

Sell your code as a npm package. Only your customers can $ npm install your packages. Best for UI Kits, javascript libraries & enterprise projects.

Make a living off your open-source work

Provide premium features to your project sponsors. Publishing to PrivJs is as easy as $ npm publish. Good developers need to earn well afterall.

Provide access automatically with PrivJs API

Integrate PrivJs website into your website & provide access to your customers with ease automatically.

PrivJS has gone above and beyond our expectations for a private registry service. They worked with us to craft a solution that is great for our clients and their customer service was fast and helpful. We're so glad that we went with PrivJS!

testimonial Zach Saucier CTO, GreenSock Inc.


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  • PrivJs api support
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PrivJs is built by an indie maker.

Hassle-free NPM marketplace

PrivJs takes care of your Private packages so that you can focus on shipping awesome code.